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RegeneLife X was founded by former NFL athlete, and entrepreneur , Darren Long who serves as CEO. Darren has experience in serving as president to various successful enterprises.

Brian T. McConnell, who serves as President.  Senior executive sophisticated in corporate environments,with an emphasis on information technology,healthcare, data and telecommunications services targeted toward fortune 500 domestic, international business and government accounts.  He is a former professional NFL Player, Unanimous High School All-American,  All-Big Ten and member of The Peddie  School, Sports Hall of Fame.  Mr. McConnell serves on the Board of Humanax Acquisitions Corp. and is a Vice President of The NFL Alumni.

Zenaido Enriquez, who serves as Vice President National Sports Division.  The term lead by example, truly exemplifies this man, not by what he says, but trail blazing a path for success. Zenaido "Zee" Enriquez is an accomplished retired military personnel, currently working in Law Enforcement, and a highly esteemed wrestling and football high school coach. He is a two-time California

USA Wrestling National Coach, and was the 2017 East Yosemite League Wrestling Coach of the Year.  Moreover, Enriquez is the head wrestling coach of a youth wrestling program, and has nine years of experience in beverage development, successfully helping to get unique water in the market, efficiently and profitably.

Mario Arce, who serves as Vice President has an extensive knowledge in both coding and digital medical technology and has applied this to the medical industry and healthcare products as an entrepreneur.

Ashley Lee, who serves as chief operating  ocer with a background in business. She is passionate about health, beauty and wellness.

Wei Choy Tang, MD is a physician scientist which have formulated multiple products in the past for leading and well known Fortune 500 companies.

As this successful team have collaborated together to create a marketplace of health after noticing how hard it is to source science and evidence based products in skincare, Keto nutrition and regenerative beverages.

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