Biohack Pour Over Coffee – Guatemala

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    Medium-light roast | rich flavor with orange chocholate & cream 

    -10 Servings Per Bag- 


    We use 100% Arabica coffee beans that are slow roasted and snap cooled to lock in both the flavor and aroma at its peak .



    Every great heroic product has an origin story, BioHack Coffee was developed and sourced from the finest coffee farms around the world. Owned and formulated by practicing clinical physicians and food scientists in which only add evidence-based metrics to enhance the quality and exceptional flavor. The entire premise of BioHack Coffee is to utilize only premium grade micro and macronutrients to aid in increasing your life expectancy and performance. This is why the product is Certified by Physicians and  Verified by Athletes.





      • At HOME when time is tight and your hands are full.
      • In the OFFICE when the break room brew isn’t for you.
      • During TRAVEL when hotel instants simply don’t cut it.
      • OUTDOOR around the campfire or on the trail.
      • And as a GIFT for coffee-loving friends, family and colleagues.





    You’re waking up in the second hotel this week. You’re on the road visiting clients and colleagues — each day is filled with meetings, conference calls and site inspections. Your favorite roaster is back home a 1000 miles away, and your hotel room’s instant coffee is far from inspiring. Luckily you packed some BIOHACK Coffeeto ensure that you’ll start each day with a great cup.

    • Packs easily
    • Lightweight
    • Space saving






    COLOMBIA | medium-light roast | silky flavor with sweet floral and honey

    GUATEMALA | medium-light roast | rich flavor with orange chocholate & cream

    BRAZIL | medium-dark roast | dark chocolate and cream

    HAWAIIAN KONA Coffee Blend | medium roast |  vanilla  hazelnut flavor |  largest Grower, Smooth, delicious flavor and amazing aroma

    CHAGA ME | medium roast |  vanilla hazelnut and caramel flavor |  with chaga mushroom



    FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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